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Our cat, Mabel, became a recent “patient” of Dr. Katz. We adopted Mabel as a kitten at three months old. From the very beginning Mabel had many concerning medical issues…an upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, and a compromised digestive system. She is a beautiful Maine Coon cat and is now six years old. For the first five years of her life we tried many treatments, expensive prescription diets and probiotics. Needless to say, she spent a lot of time in discomfort. She was not affectionate or very sociable. This past Spring we brought Mabel to Dr. Katz for her first visit. It was a Sunday, in fact it was Mother’s Day, and I had little hope of a return phone call much less a chance of an office visit. Dr. Katz returned my phone call within five minutes and she met us at her office a short time later. From the moment that we met Dr. Katz and she examined Mabel, I felt very confident that we were in good hands! Mabel has a whole new happy and healthy life! No more expensive dry prescription food, no more digestive issues and what a dramatic change in this kitty’s personality!  She cuddles up at night when I am reading, she jumps up on my lap to be brushed(that never happened before!)and she follows us from room to room rather than hiding under a table! We are so fortunate to have met Dr. Katz and will be forever grateful to her for making such a positive, healthy influence in Mabel’s (and our) life!

Kathleen R.

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