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“AristoKatz is the best!! I recently found them off Fairfield Patch, and have been so happy since. Love, love, love them! They have a brand new facility in Fairfield, and treat your cats like members of the family. Dr Geri and Emilee make my cats so comfortable, and help them relax during what used to be a stressful visit.

“A cats-only vet is also very important, because the visit can be so stressful on them to start with. No more worrying about dogs roaming around the waiting room, trying to stick their faces in your cats carrier while clueless owners look on. We had a cats-only vet we loved in Glastonbury, and I was afraid I’d never find one down here, so I am so happy to have found them!

“I should also note that they’ve cost about half as much as our old vet (Schulhof in Westport), and the quality service is infinitely better. They also do house-calls if you request one. When our 19yr old was suffering from kidney failure, and we had to make the decision to put him down, they came to the house to do it. He was in his favorite spot surrounded by his family, completely peaceful and comfortable. It made an incredibly hard time so much easier for us knowing he was in good hands.

“Thank you so much for opening in Fairfield, Dr. Katz, you’re the perfect vet for us and our cats!”

Jennifer Phelps, Fairfield, CT

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