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Kitten – 1st visit up to 12 weeks old

Phone history

Records request from shelter or previous vet

30 minute appointment with Dr Katz to include:

  • Parent/owner interview
  • Length of ownership – new client versus owner of new kitten
  • Behavioral assessment
  • Review of diet
  • Vitals including weight
  • Physical exam
  • Distemper vaccine
  • Identification of any health issues and recommended next steps
  • Review what happens next visit

Kitten 2nd Visit

30 minute appointment with Dr. Katz to include:

  • Vitals
  • Exam
  • Rabies vaccine, 2nd distemper vaccine, 1st leukemia vaccine
  • Stool sample collection
  • Blood test
  • Recommendations regarding any health issues
  • Spay/neuter consultation and fee review

Kitten 3rd Visit

15 minute appointment with Vet Technician

  • 3rd distemper vaccine, 2nd leukemia vaccine
  • Reminder to set appointment to spay or neuter

If a health issue recheck or a consult is required an additional 15 minutes is booked with Dr. Katz

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