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Aristokatz Senior Cat Wellness Exam Recommendations

By age 10 (56 in human years) the majority of cats have some sort of illness or health issue. Sadly, our feline friends are martyrs and do not show symptoms or pain until they are in agony. It breaks my heart when an owner brings in an older cat that they think is just starting to show symptoms, when in reality their beloved feline has been very ill for quite some time, and the only available options at such a late stage of illness are pain management or costly treatments.

At Aristokatz we believe in preventative medicine. When caught early, many feline diseases can be managed, enabling your kitty to live a long and pain-free life. Our Senior Full Wellness Proactive Exam recommendation is as follows:

Senior Full Wellness Annual Exam with Dr. Katz

  • Base exam

  • Blood work – complete profile

  • Urinalysis with bladder ultrasound

  • Blood pressure (requires clipping hair to access a vein)

  • X-Ray – purpose is to look for common issues that can’t be readily detected with a physical exam – intestinal inflammation, kidney and bladder stones, enlarged heart, lung and airway issues

3 Month Introductory Offer: For the next 3 months, the fee for our new Senior Wellness Annual Exam including all recommended tests will be reduced to $400. If these were to be done “a la carte” over several visits and scheduled separately, the total cost would be $550.50

We are offering this 20% plus discount because we know that having pets can be expensive and we want to do our part to help keep them healthy and happy. 

Appointments available now!

*If needed, we do an individualized, personalized consultation on pest control and appropriate vaccine strategy based each cat’s history, lifestyle and overall health. If your cat needs the following it is a separate charge.

  • Rabies vaccine*
  • Fleas, ticks and heartworm treatment*
  • Distemper vaccine*
  • Leukemia vaccine*
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